Therapeutic Philosophy


We start with what’s working. We see each teen as complex person with many undiscovered talents and untapped capacities. And we see each family as a complex system with many resources for connection and healing. We listen for strengths. And build upon them.


We deal with trauma. Deep trauma. Grief and loss. Emotional abuse. Peer abuse. Sexual abuse. Neglect. Violence. We address the root causes that create symptoms such as anxiety, depression and suicidal thoughts.


We honor family. And integrate parents and caregivers into the Journey Academy experience. We help our students learn to communicate their needs to others in productive ways. And support their families as they adapt to relating to a healthier, happier teen.


One size does not fit all. But there are basics that every teen needs—a sense of belonging, feeling understood, constructive communication tools, and a way to connect to self, others and the wider community. We find a way to meet each individual’s needs through individual, group & family sessions.