Teens with Goals


The goals of your teen don’t have to be postponed. In fact, we use these opportunities to help your teen learn limits, responsibility and communication. We have structures in place to hold your teen accountable, and learn how to be the best version of himself or herself.


Teenagers have things they want to accomplish but they need support to know how to get there. We help show them how to obtain things such as, a driver’s license, part-time job, class at the junior college, or food handler’s certificate. We believe these aspirations positively contribute to the development of a growing young adult.

Community Partnerships.

To enhance the kinds of things our students can do as they learn to relate to a wider community, we have a variety of partnerships that offer opportunities for our students.

They include:
● B-Rad
● Maker’s Lab
● Positive Images
● Voices
● The Humane Society
● The US Coast Guard
● Local musicians, and
● Youth lead radio show at KOWS radio station (92.5 FM)

Journey Academy is designed to support your teen in deepening self-knowledge, healing trauma, and developing a set relational skills that will serve them for a lifetime.