Bright & Capable.

Our students are bright and capable. However, they often struggling at school and at home. Our students want to be healthy and happy, they just can’t see a path to get there. And they often feel frustrated about it. We have alumni who have gone on to higher education and who have built thriving careers as peace officers, teachers, military personnel, business professionals, and non-profit founders.


Our students are internalizers. They are not typically the kids who bully, but often the ones who get bullied. They take their pain and express it inwardly. They are often the quirky kids who don’t quite fit in. They may have had traumatic experiences and struggle with relationships. They tend to keep quiet about what’s truly going, even though they are in real pain.


Because our students tend to internalize their feelings, they don’t typically express themselves through violence toward others. Like many teens, they may shout when they get frustrated, but we don’t enroll teens exhibiting current physical violence. We also don’t work with youth requiring primarily substance abuse treatment. But we are happy to refer you to programs we respect.

Gender & Sexuality.

Wondering about gender identity and sexual orientation is not unusual for teens. We create an open and accepting environment for all our students, so that LGBTQ youth can explore who they are without judgment or pressure to “pick” or “decide” on their gender identity or sexual orientation.

As specialists in LGBTQ issues, Journey Academy has earned the prestigious Human Rights Campaign Seal of Approval. We also provide SOGIE (Sexual Orientation Gender Identity and Expression) training and gender sensitivity training workshops in the community.