Real Teenage Experience

A Regular School Day.

Students move through different classrooms throughout their day. A bell rings to change classes. They are offered various electives. They eat lunch together, listening to music played over the speaker. During breaks, students can play frisbee golf or read a book in the sun.


We don’t want our students to miss out on this valuable time in their lives because they need some extra skills and extra support. And we want our students to be able to easily transition back into their original school or another school when the time is right.

Driver’s License and Part-time Job.

Depending on their situation and behavior, students may also want to learn to drive or get a part-time job. These are privileges students must earn, but we support them in these goals–and help them monitor their progress.

We use these goals to create a framework for essential skills (like personal integrity and accountability) that will serve them for the rest of their lives.