Coming Home

Transition Philosophy.

With every student we serve, we begin planning for a successful transition from our program the moment the student enrolls. Timeframes for length of stay are completely individualized based on the student and family need, however our average length of stay is approximately 8 months. At the time of intake, the Admissions Director and Clinician work closely with the student’s team to develop well-defined graduation goals.

Each student gets a transition plan. Through ongoing discussions and collaboration with many people (the student’s treatment team, placing school district, and family), we create an individualized transition plan and implement it.

Each student’s transition plan includes things such as: potential exit date from Journey Academy, important events occurring within the family, treatment goals, and services needed to ensure continued success at home.

Home Visits.

We love to keep families connected throughout treatment. Youth and families are able to talk regularly by phone or video and work towards home visits–starting right away.

We understand the process of acclimating to treatment, and for parents, having a student away from home can be challenging. We make sure there’s lots of support in place for the whole family.

Starting shortly after a student arrives, family members can visit their teen on-site. After 2-3 on-site visits, we move to community visits. During these community visits, you’re free to take your teen to lunch, a movie, on a walk, or enjoy other activities together. Once 3-4 of those visits have taken place and family therapy has been established, youth can come home for overnight or weekend visits.

Before and after visits together, we’ll help you establish expectations, problem solve challenges, and celebrate wins. Your team is always by your side, and just a call away if any needs arise.