College Preparedness


We are in the process of becoming a WASC accredited high school. We teach to the California required standards, and our instructors are special education credentialed with various areas of expertise.

Small Class Size.

Our classes are no more than 14 students allowing for individualized instruction and highly-personal interactions. Classes are staffed by a teacher and  teacher’s assistants.


Our students work on iPads (as well as paper), can work on class projects electronically, and have access to our 3-D printer. Each classroom is equipped with an Apple TV and Chromebooks are available, as needed, to supplement their learning.

Behavioral Support.

All our teachers, clinicians, and support staff help students identify emotional triggers, and explore what’s going on for them underneath the behavior, as well as identify new ways to be in the world. We actively help our students find acceptable replacement behaviors to promote success in school and their daily lives.


In addition, we expect our students to:

  • Use respectful language and actions to others
  • Problem-solve and seek feedback
  • Be on-time and actively participate
  • Follow teacher and staff directions
  • Adhere to technology protocols

We have a daily system, School Achievement Record (SAR), to track student progress in these areas to encourage positive educational and social development.