Academic Philosophy


We want your teen to have a true high school experience.
This means radio shows, proms, dances, field trips & spirit days.
It means small classes and individualized attention. It means modern technology in our classrooms.


Our students at Journey Academy are bright individuals, and we believe it’s important to take the time to get to know them and understand who they are.

We create a calm environment that is safe, accepting, and personal.


We believe conflict is natural part of human experience, and we use NVC conflict resolution and restorative justice circles to help our students navigate conflict and become more skilled at communication.


We hold boundaries. We show respect to each other and to the students and we expect it in return. We emphasize accountability in language, follow-through, and behavior.


Our goal is to help our students expand their capacities to cope in the real world, to grow academically, and to find confidence in their unique expression of who they are.

We help your teen form connections to self, others, and the larger community as a path to being a healthy person in this complex world.

This has been our philosophy since 1975.

And it works.